Helios™ a CyTOF® system

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A powerful high-parameter cytometer and the signal detection platform for the Hyperion Imaging System.


  • The Helios™ mass cytometer enables the sensitive and precise detection of metal-tagged antibodies bound to tissue regions of interest interrogated by the Hyperion™ Tissue Imager.
  • Helios also serves as a high-dimensional single-cell suspension analysis tool when decoupled from the Hyperion Tissue Imager. Learn more about the unique capabilities of the Hyperion Imaging System to function in dual mode to perform high-multiplex characterization spanning cell suspension and tissue samples using proven CyTOF® technology.
  • For latest-generation, stand-alone cell suspension mass cytometry, the fully automated CyTOF XT™ provides significant advantages over the Helios system. Reimagine cytometry with CyTOF XT.


  1. Design panel.
    Easily build panels with up to 50 metal-tagged antibodies and reagents using Maxpar® Panel Designer. Add barcoding to multiplex your samples for even better data quality. Or use pre-built panels to get started!
  2. Prepare samples.
    CyTOF systems provide highly multiplexed single-cell data from cell suspension samples. Standard protocols for preparing single-cell suspensions from solid or liquid tissues and tumors can be used for CyTOF sample prep. Check out our support page for staining protocols.
  3. Acquire data.
    The Helios system provides the same excellent standard of data quality as the latest-generation mass cytometer, CyTOF XT, but requires manual resuspension and loading of samples.
  4. Analyze data.
    CyTOF systems produce standard FCS 3.0 (Helios) or 3.1 (CyTOF XT) data files that can be analyzed with any compatible software, including but not limited to FCS Express™ and Maxpar Pathsetter™.


CyTOF systems are the only high-parameter cytometers backed by more than 1,500 publications. Covering a wide spectrum of diseases and research applications, this collection of studies demonstrates the versatility and proven performance of mass cytometry for translational and clinical research around the world.


A critical success factor when adopting high-performance technology is acquiring the proficiency and support necessary to accelerate your research and discovery initiatives. Fluidigm PRO Services are a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to help you maximize your investment, scale up productivity and empower your laboratory with greater access to professional resources.


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