Fluoroskan, Fluoroskan FL, Luminoskan

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Wszystkie instrumenty Fluoroskan, Fluoroskan FL i Luminoskan są wyposażone w potężne oprogramowanie Thermo Scientific SkanIt, które zwiększa użyteczność w zakresie konfigurowania protokołów i analizy danych.


In addition to the common features of all Microplate Reader instruments, the Fluoroskan FL, Fluoroskan fluorometric, Luminoskan Microplate Readers offer:

  • Reagent dispensers: simultaneous dispense and read

Enables easy and accurate reagent addition simultaneously as the instrument reads—a critical feature for flash-type reactions. All Fluoroskan and Luminoskan models are offered with three options of associated reagent dispensers: two dispensers, one dispenser, or no dispensers.

  • Flexibility to read 6- to 384-well plates

Allows you to choose your sample format depending on your unique research and throughput needs.

  • Auto-calibration and self-diagnostics

Enables accurate fluorescence data with every run. If something isn't quite right, all three reliable fluorescence and luminescence plate readers can tell you before your run.

  • High sensitivity for both top and bottom reading

Fiberless direct illumination optics for both top and bottom reading. Top reading is great for homogeneous, BRET and FRET assays, whereas bottom-reading becomes very important for non-homogeneous and cell-based assays. Bottom reading shortens the distance between the cell layer at the bottom of the well and the detector and minimizes any effect from the cell culture medium.

  • Dynamic range >6 decades

Reliably measure high and low signal samples with Fluoroskan and Luminoskan readers that provide both sensitivity and broad dynamic range in the same run.

  • Incubation and shaking

Incubate up to 45°C with orbital shaking.

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  • Multipoint well reading

Read multiple locations in a single well by stipulating in SkanIt Software where in the well you want to read. Multipoint measurements on Thermo Scientific fluorescence plate readers can also be used as an alternative or quantitative complement to imaging fluorospot assays.

Catalog numbers

  • 5200110 - Fluoroskan™ Microplate Fluorometer
  • 5200111 - Fluoroskan™ Microplate Fluorometer, one dispenser
  • 5200112 - Fluoroskan™ Microplate Fluorometer, two dispensers
  • 5200220 - Fluoroskan™ FL Microplate Fluorometer and Luminometer
  • 5200221 - Fluoroskan™ FL Microplate Fluorometer and Luminometer, one dispenser
  • 5200222 - Fluoroskan™ FL Microplate Fluorometer and Luminometer, two dispensers
  • 5300330 - Luminoskan™ Microplate Luminometer
  • 5300331 - Luminoskan™ Microplate Luminometer, one dispenser
  • 5300332 - Luminoskan™ Microplate Luminometer, two dispensers

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