2D Gel Image Analysis Software for Differential Expression

SameSpots overcomes the common problems you face using 2D gel electrophoresis for differential protein expression analysis such as lack of reproducibility in results, hours of tedious spot editing and confidence in the statistical significance of measuring protein expression changes.




SameSpots is simple to use and gives you fast, objective results for differential expression of intact proteins using 2-DE gels.

  • Simplicity. You are guided through each step of the workflow, new users can get up and running with minimal training.
  • Speed. Typical analysis times of less than 5 minutes per gel with single-stain or 2D DIGE images.
  • Objectivity. A consistent analysis approach that is proven to give reproducible results between different users.
  • Statistical power. Image alignment delivers 100% matching with no missing values in your data for valid multivariate statistics.

Be confident in your 2D gel analysis results

Check you can achieve reliable analysis of your precious samples early. SameSpots includes features to objectively measure the quality of your 2-DE gel running and scanning.

Quickly highlight proteins showing significant changes using our “quick tags”. SameSpots makes it easy to select interesting spots, pick them for mass-spectrometry, import protein identifications back into your 2-DE analysis and report alongside quantitative results.

Make it possible to analyse significant numbers of replicate samples within hours, not days, to control for biological and technical variation.

Achieve the quality of results journals demand for publications with valid multivariate statistical tests easily applied to your 2-DE analysis data.





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