flowbot ONE

Automating pipetting should not be a complicated situation. And with flowbot ONE it definitely isn’t! With its intuitive user interface everyone can learn to use it in just one hour.

Everything you can pipette manually, you can automate with flowbot ONE and with this cobot you get a high degree of flexibility.

Flowbot ONE quickly adapts to new procedures in your lab – whenever a procedure changes you can easily set up flowbot ONE for use enabling immediate automation. No need for programming or a long implementation period – we have developed flowbot ONE to be incredibly user-friendly. You can start automating on the day of delivery.



The intuitive user interface of
flowbot ONE  ensures a fast and
easy setup of each protocol.

Computer vision technology recognizes your components and enables a flexible setup.

No installation required. The software runs in your web browser via an enclosed wifi system.

Your liquid handling cobot

Experience how easily you can automate your liquid handling with flowbot ONE. No need for extensive training in programming – this is a plug and play solution with high accuracy and precicion.

We have designed flowbot ONE carefully to adapt to your lab and your workflows. Customize components and liquid classes easily, edit, copy and share existing programs. This is a liquid handling cobot that frees up time for you to do great science.

Why automate your pipetting with flowbot ONE?

We have carefully designed flowbot ONE to be a user-friendly liquid handling cobot. We call it a cobot because it collaborates with you in the lab; assisting you in your workflows and adapting to your lab. There is no need for programming or extensive training, nor a long implementation period. With flowbot ONE you can skip those steps and start automating immediately – freeing up time to achieve your goals and do great science!

A range of functions that eases your workflow

  • 2 pipette modules (choose between 1, 4 and 8-channel)
  • Volume ranges: 1-20μL, 2-200μL and 10-1000μL
  • Capacity: 12 positions (SBS format)
  • Automatic liquid level detection


  • 12 positions (SBS format)
  • Tip detection
  • Liquid level detection of source
  • Bottom touch
  • Optional tip reuse
  • Pause (reaction or incubation time)
  • Customizable liquid classes
  • CSV Import/Export of programs
  • Easy editing of programs
  • PDF reports of programs
  • Historical logs of executed programs
  • Sharing programs between users
  • Control of integratable devices (heater/shaker etc.)


Common pipette tips with or without filter can be used.

Standard components are already predefined, including:

  • (6, 12, 24, 96, 384)-Well plates
  • 50mL, 2mL, 1.5 mL Eppendorph tube racks

New components can easily be defined in the interface by the user.

Components should fit the SBS format.


  • General liquid transfer
  • Serial dilutions
  • Mixing
  • Multiple dispensing
  • Normalization
  • Affordable customized racks, containers and more can be purchased
  • Customized racks, containers and more can easily be defined in the compontent editor in the user interface
  • Many more functions…


  • W100cm x D60cm x H80cm (closed)
  • W100cm x D60cm x H110cm (open)
  • Weight: 70kg

Pipette channels

  • 1 channel
  • 4 channel
  • 8 channel

Volume Ranges

1, 4 and 8 channel pipettes:

  • 1-20μL
  • 2-200μL
  • 10-1000μL






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