OxyGenie™ – Mobilny inkubator

OxyGenie™ provides for a continuous, physoxic environment for your cells. It is a unique, miniaturized incubation platform designed to deliver the physiological O2 and CO2 conditions your cells require to thrive.


Precise – A temperature-controlled instrument that facilitates efficient gas delivery in order to deliver the specific concentration of O2 and CO2 your research and cells require. May also be utilized in conjunction with short term studies requiring other gas-controlled culture conditions.

Portable – Transport OxyGenie™ from lab to lab, floor to floor, and building to building under physoxia! OxyGenie™ provides non-disruptive culture conditions for up to 2 hours without ever having to connect the device to a power source.

Ideal for conducting high resolution microscopy or irradiation studies under continuous physoxia, further expanding the time in which your cells are exposed to in vivo-like cell growth conditions.

OxyGenie™ is a key tool for use in proof-of-concept or start-up validation for physiological cell culture. OxyGenie™ connects directly to a gas cylinder for continuous physoxia or, it may be utilized as a portable tool when utilizing
miniature gas cylinders supplied with each device.

(including level of stability / uniformity)
• Temperature control up to 60°C
• T – range: from ambient to 60°C
• T – accuracy on specimen: ± 0.3°C
• External T – sensor (included)
• On-board data logging and download routines to USB
• On-board logging of calibration and alarm events
• Alarm buzzer and external alarm connector

• Touch screen adjustable temperature parameters and temperature data logging
• External temperature sensor (included) and self calibration routines allows easy calibration of the heating devices for the highest accuracy on sample temperature
• The controller is equipped with password protected routines to re-calibrate the sensors against certified thermometers

• Silicone culture wells seated on microscope slides of different thicknesses: 170um, 500um and 1mm
• Borosilicate coverslip mount on request (#5 -> 0.5mm thick or #1.5 -> 0.17mm thick)
• Focal plane 1.8mm (with 1mm glass) from the bottom of the heater plate (heater attached)
• Weight: 8kg


  • Plug & play in just a few steps
  • Benchtop working with easy storage
  • Easy access for researchers looking to carry out short term physiological experiments
  • Useful for shared equipment such as confocal microscopes, electron microscopy sample preparation
  • Irradiation compatible (needs to be uncoupled from OxyGenie™ before treatment)
  • Utilize ‘filler station’ and mini gas bottle to perform portable physiological studies (sold as an optional accessory)
  • Can accommodate a wide variety of cell types, including animal cells, bacteria, fungus, plants, drosophila, etc.





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