PlasmoTest™ – Mycoplasma Detection Kit

PlasmoTest™ provides a simple, rapid and reliable assay for the visual detection of mycoplasma contamination in cell cultures. This assay is the first to utilize cells to signal the presence of mycoplasma.

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rep-pt1 PlasmoTest™ 1 kit (250 samples) Mycoplasma contamination detection kit
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The Mycoplasma sensor cells detect the presence of mycoplasmas leading to a color change of the HEK-Blue™ Detection medium. The Mycoplasma sensor cells recognize mycoplasmas through Toll-like Receptor 2 (TLR2), a pathogen recognition receptor. In the presence of mycoplasmas, TLR2 initiates a signaling cascade leading to the activation of NF-kB and other transcription factors. These transcription factors induce the secretion of SEAP (secreted embryonic alkaline phosphatase) in the supernatant which is readily detected by the purple/blue coloration of the HEK-Blue™ Detection medium.

  • Requires only basic cell culture knowledge
  • Hands-on time less than 1 hour. Gives results after overnight incubation
  • Detects all cell culture contaminants
  • Detects 5.102-5.105 cfu/ml mycoplasmas
  • No false positive: a positive result indicates the presence of a cell culture contaminant

PlasmoTest™ Kit (#rep-pt1) 250 samples:
– HEK-Blue™-2 Cells: 1 vial of 3-5 x 106 frozen cells. Shipped in dry ice
– HEK-Blue™ Selection: 2 x 1 ml of 250X solution of selective antibiotics.
– Normocin™: 1 ml of 500X Normocin™ (1 ml for 500 ml of cell culture medium)
– HEK-Blue™ Detection: 1 pouch (for 50 ml of reconstituted detection medium each)
– HEK-Blue™ Water: 60 ml bottle
– Positive control: 1 tube
– Negative control: 1 tube


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